The Buccaneers of the 1600's practiced one of the earliest forms of democracy.  Pirates must have mad skills sets, and ours have 'em.  From story telling to map making to fashion styling, we work together as a team to give you and yours a one of a kind immersive and interactive experience.



Begin with participants taking a tailor made oath, add 3 additional challenges, finish with a Patch and Induction, and together we present an unforgettable Pirate Fiesta.  The treasure we dream of digging up, lies within our own hearts.  By developing our inner gifts, riches come knocking.


We like to call activities of the Pirate Fiesta, challenges, and our evolving challenges are not run of the mill or off the shelf.  Our pirates think on their feet, team up, logically solve puzzles or navigate maps, and hand-eye coordinate to snag prizes.  All pirates win!